Different Types of Hard Surface Floorings

Beautiful flooring can provide a classy look to someone home. There are various types of flooring available, but out of them, bamboo Polished Concrete College Station, hardwood flooring and laminated flooring are the latest one. Hardwood flooring is the best choice for large and spacious homes. Hardwood floors are quite expensive but quality wise they are the best. If someone wants to install hardwood floor, one should consider precautions, installation process, cleaning precautions and maintenance knowledge. Having a sound knowledge of all these factors helps the customers to get the best results.

There are several types of hardwood floors available which include Maple floors, Ash, Pine, Bamboo, Oak, Fir, Birch and many more. Maple is he most widely used for hardwood floors and it has very light weight. Ash Floor provides a light textured and most people choose it due to its natural beauty. Pine floors are very traditional and they are easily available. Usually they are used in old or rustic homes but more people are now opting for these in modern life. Birch makes the room more attractive with its amazing swirls and knots on the surface. Bamboo is now considered in the category of flooring and bamboo flooring are the best way to go environmental friendly.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring are the best way to help environment in any means. Bamboo floors offer an exotic appearance in the home by providing natural beauty in the room. The most important thing about the bamboo floor is that it lessens the effect of humidity and warmth during summers. It is the natural power of these amazing bamboo flooring. There are various precautions that are necessary for the bamboo floor.

One should not walk on bamboo floor with high and heavy heels as it can cause the breakage of bamboo floor. People should avoid shoes to stay away from dust or other dirt particles as they are very difficult to remove on this floor. One can install the bamboo floor by themselves as it does not need many tools for the installation like in other floors. One needs to clean the floor with damp mop or one should sweep it regularly for its long lasting age. Removing the dust particle is a crucial thing in bamboo floor as it retains the shine and age of floor.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring are the best and affordable flooring for homes. These are quite durable and attractive as compared to other flooring. These are available in different types of colors and sizes depending upon the customers. Usually laminate floors have little maintenance costs and are much easy to clean. The major thing that most people like about these floors is that it does not need much time for installation. It requires merely a single day for the installation of laminate floor in a living room. Moreover, one does not need any special tools for installation. In fact one can install these floors on own and one can find the tools at homes.

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