House Cat: Keeping Your Kitten Occupied

Anyone who has owned a exotic longhair cat for sale knows they have loads of energy. They run through and over everything.They knock things down, they break things. So, what can you do to stop this? Well, nothing really. Kittens are what they are; but you can keep down the destruction and keep your kitten(s) occupied while you are at work, away or at home.

First of all, kittens are like little kids: they have loads of energy and those of us who are older sometimes wish we could have some of that energy. In order to keep that energy from destroying your home, you have to focus it somehow. Below are a few suggestions for focusing your kittens’ energy away from your destructible belongings and on to something more appropriate. Mix and match as needed.

Remember, your kittens’ needs will vary as he/she ages. Make sure you always keep your kitten happy and occupied, and your valuables will have a better chance of making it through kittenhood unscathed.

  1. Get another kitten! Don’t throw this suggestion away just yet. I know what you’re thinking, “If one kitten is destructive, two will be worse.” This is not necessarily true. Kittens will keep each other occupied, and though they might still want to play with that figurine on your table, it’s easier to steer them away if their attention is drawn to someone their own age. And the fact of the matter is, if you can’t spend at least 16 hours a day with your kitten, it is unfair to him/her to be alone all the time. (It can also lead to Top Cat Syndrome, but that’s a whole different subject).
  2. Lots of toys. Many times, small kittens can’t experience the effects of catnip, so getting catnip toys can be moot before your kitten is at least 5 months of age. But, interactive toys, such as feathers on a pole, are great for playing with your kitten.
  3. Great views. Kittens, just like cats, need stimulation to the brain, which can include something as simple as looking out the window at the falling snow. (I do not recommend letting cats outside as a means of “entertainment” as it is far too dangerous). Your house cat or kitten will watch the goings on outside just as you might watch TV.
  4. Cat trees. Not only do cats and kittens need to scratch, but they also need to climb, stretch and play. Cat trees (the kind that are tall and wide at the base with multiple tiers) are too much fun to resist, and will also help keep kittens from scratching your furniture.
  5. Decorative water fountains. This one probably sounds funny, but some decorative water fountains can make great entertainment for kittens and cats, as well as providing a great source of fresh water. Just be careful the kitten doesn’t knock it over and that there are no small bits your kitten can eat off of it.

Christine Church is author of 4 books on the care of cats, one of which won the Iams Responsible Cat Ownership Award, another Honorable Mention in the CWA Communications contest, and another a best seller. Christine has written and published professionally over a hundred articles on the care of cats and horses. Christine is also a professional blog writer and novelist of paranormal and fantasy romance.

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