How Laser Tag Is the Crazy Game in Vogue

Gone are the days when toys, goodgamestation, and basketballs were the sole gaming tools for children. Children now demand technology and sci-fi as their prime mates in the gaming time. Going with the vibe of the sci-fi, laser tag is a typical arcade style game, which is immensely popular with the kids as well as among their parents. This kind of game is a hit quotient in maximum birthday parties or multiple other college parties.

What the game is all about

The game mainly centre’s on scoring exponential points by tactfully “tagging” opponents with the beams. These beams are emitted through particular hand-held infrared devices, which are available at the gaming parlour. The players need to wear a special jacket, which has several infrared target readers. These target readers are crucial for gaming, as the more you hit these jacket readers with your beam, more you score points.

The origin of the game

The entire concept of this game roots its origin from the military teaching techniques. The military professionals use an identical approach to train their subordinates, to give them a hands-on experience similar to that of an original battlefield. The history of the game also resembles several popular television shows and other movies like Star Wars. The theme of these films helped in framing the style of the equipments, used in the gaming arsenal.

Technology behind the game

The overall quality of the game depends on the correct synchronization of the hardware and software.

The scoring norms:

The winner is the one who has maximum number of hits over his/her opponents’ targets and on return, has negligible hits on his/her body. The score also varies with the number of lives left, rate of fire and amount of beam emitted.

Where can you play?

This is a flexible game; you can effortlessly play it while on indoors or outdoors. However, players claim that, when rays crisscross each other inside a dark room, the level of excitement increases ten folds. Apart from the dark room, many prefer for a foggy environment or military style set as an ideal atmosphere for playing beam shooting. Traditional gaming stations have creative setups like boxes, podiums and several other raised structures, designed with walls or other broken boundaries to give an excellent feel of “hide and surprise” your opponent.

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