“How to pick the right radio shows to promote your product.”

Have you written a book and are searching for ways to promote it? Have you thought about the power of being a guest on radio shows? You can make huge amounts of money by promoting your book through radioevangeliovivo.net shows.There are almost 11,000 radio stations in America. This gives you a huge market in which to promote your book. However,“How to pick the right radio shows to promote your product.” Articles most are too small and don’t reach very many people. You need to target the big stations.

How do you find information about these radio shows? You need to sign up with the Radio Television Interview Report (RTIR). You run an advertisement in this report which allows radio show hosts to find you and book you on their shows. It is mailed to radio hosts and producers.

You should target the big radio shows, but how do you determine whether or not a radio show is “big”? Most radio stations give two pieces of information: Station Market Ranking and Wattage. These numbers can be misleading if you don’t know how to interpret them.

Market Ranking is simply the size of the city they broadcast in. NYC has the biggest market ranking. This includes every radio station (big or small) that transmits in NYC. So the market ranking doesn’t tell you enough information.

Wattage denotes how big the radio signal is and how far it reaches. A high wattage doesn’t always mean that it has a large audience. The FCC doesn’t give much wattage to stations in big cities because they will bleed over into other stations in nearby stations. Therefore, “big” stations may actually have low wattage. Whereas a radio station in the cornfields may have high wattage, but really be a “small” radio station.

In essence, the station wattage is usually inversely proportional to the number of listeners they have.

So how do you find the real number of listeners for a radio station? There is a company called Arbitron. Arbiton tracks the numbers and rates radio stations. They sell the ratings information for large sums of money.

What can you offer a radio station host? How can you get them to book you on their show? Radio people are in the business of keeping and getting more listeners. The way they do that is to provide great content. They are always looking for content and guests. The radio stations as a whole need about 10,000 guests to fill up their airways. Therefore, they need you.

You can sell your book, website, EBooks, CDs, DVDs, speeches, teleseminars, etc. You can promote anything you want. You can build your list through radio shows. You can increase the size of your list over night. You build your list by pushing people to your website.

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