There is a MIRACLE in Each One of Us

Recently, I visited girlfriend’s friend in the hospital. She got into a bike accident together with her boyfriend. The van had came across they way and they had to jam the brakes and both of them flew off their bike and landed on the ground. My girlfriend’s friend barely had any scratches while her boyfriend suffered from a fractured hip on his right side. Personally, I had not gotten into such terrible accident, however, I felt it is a acim that little injuries had been inflicted to them. It could be a lot worst, like landing on a kerb head-on or flying to hit the pillar or hitting another vehicle nearby.

It made me realised that, the body has done a fantastic job in protecting the host, the natural reflexes of a person could be so powerful when it combines with the strongest intention of preventing or protecting him/herself from any other possible injuries. It is like having fall with the intention of minimising damages done or without control, which will hurt more?

Our body, our instincts are designed to always protect ourselves first. It is the same like why the front passenger’s seat is called the seat of death/danger? Because, if the driver gets into an accident, somehow, the reflexes of the drive will naturally do whatever it takes to save him/herself first, our amazing brain power will absorb the surroundings and calculate to produce the best possible way of minimising or saving him/herself first. It is very hard to change that fact because for the last 20 or 30 or 40 years, the body and mind is made this way, little can be done to change that.

I am thankful and grateful that I have not experienced that so far. We all should be thankful and grateful for having a MIRACLE in our life, which is our body and life. Our body is designed perfectly by our makers, made to complement each other. Our system absorbs the food we eat, take in the nutrients we need and distribute it throughout our body to support our activities. Our body cleanse and removes all the unwanted toxics to prevent ourselves from falling ill, the heart, the lungs, the kidney, liver, bowels, blood, bones, every single cells in our body are working in harmony to serve the host, which is YOU. What causes the heart to pump? We have no machine or motor to drive it. It is purely organic and functions on its own, ISN’T THAT AMAZING?? It is a MIRACLE!! We are a living Miracle!

When everything is down, when everything around you sucks, you faces the worse of the worst, pick yourself up by being grateful that YOU ARE A LIVING MIRACLE. You still hold the most amazing miracle which is always beside you since the day you are born. Your life is a miracle, and be a miracle to others around you because they are too a miracle.

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