Write a Book – Get Started Writing Your Book the Right Way

Want to write a acim? You can. However, writing a book is a journey. A novel or nonfiction book which may take four hours to read may take a year to write. Your preparations before writing the book can make the difference between completing the book and the book stalling, as well as between the book’s ultimate success or failure.

Let’s look at how you can get started writing your book the right way.

One of the biggest dangers during the time it takes you to write a book is that the book’s focus will change as you write it – books tend to morph, because they take time to write and you’re changing as you write the book.

Create a map of your book before you start writing; this map will help you to stay focused. It helps you to complete your book.

Create a map of your book before you start writing it

A “map” of your book can be a simple paragraph (a blurb), or it may be many pages long, in which case it’s called a synopsis if it’s a novel, and an outline if it’s a nonfiction book.

Your agent and editor will demand a synopsis/ outline as part of your book’s package: these treatments are sales tools. Some authors write the book first, and then create the synopsis/ outline.

However, a blurb is your own personal map before you start writing. (The actual back cover blurb is written while the book’s making its way to publication.)

Look at the back covers of several books of the kind of book you’re writing to get an idea of what constitutes a blurb. A blurb is more than a summary, it’s an enticement for bookstore browsers to buy the book.

A novel’s blurb offers entertainment; a nonfiction book’s blurb offers benefits to the reader.

Take your time writing your blurb

Some writers find blurbs challenging. They’re inspired, they just want to start writing. However, taking a week or two to create a blurb which excites you can save you much time in writing. It’s your map. Without a map you will lose your way.

A blurb is a vital part of your preparations for writing your book. You’ll find that the time you invest in writing a blurb is repaid when you write a book, because not only does it make writing your book easier, it also increases your chances of writing a book which sells.

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