21 Reasons Why The Next Site I Visit Could Be Yours

This could also be ‘because I saw the site address in a magazine
or a newspaper’. How did that address get to be in the newspaper
or e-mail? Probably because someone submitted a press release to
the editor of the magazine, newspaper, or 스포츠토토. Most news is
‘created’ via a press release or publicity stunt. Learn how to
get your news release published hereBookmark my site!” Does your site exclaim this? Do you ask
visitors to “Add this site to your favorites!” You should do. You
can get a simple bit of JavaScript that will do both for you
dependent on your visitor’s browser. Find a script her

You see those links on a site that say: “Like our site? Tell a
friend!” Well, it works. People like to recommend a great site to
their friends – they gain kudos, respect. So why not make it easy
for them to recommend YOUR site to THEIR friends! You can set up
a recommend service yourself by using a free Perl/ CGI script, or
let another site provide the service (for free):

This is a ‘killer reason’ to visit any web site. You meet others
that share your interest, and you swap information and ideas.
Message boards, forums, online communities, they all generate a
great deal of traffic; traffic that returns again and again.
Community-building tools are free, but you will need to promote
heavily to get your community started, and you will need to
consider just how you go about moderating the discussions too

I subscribe to many newsletters to find out about free offers,
competitions, price updates; or just to act as a reminder to
visit that site. (I only subscribe if I’m confident my e-mail is
safe from spam, mind – I always look for a privacy statement of
some kind.) A newsletter provides you with an excellent
opportunity to stay in touch with your site visitors; a great
newsletter even encourages new visitors. Use this resource

Now where did I did see that URL (website address)? Was it on
someone’s T-shirt, or on the side of a car? Was it on a
letterhead or business card? Was it on a tie-pin or broach? Was
it on a computer’s screen saver, or an electronic Christmas card?
Was it on a bill-board or on TV? Was it on a restaurant’s guest
book(!)… Okay, okay, I’ll stop there! But you get the idea!

Affiliate programs are great, and if you sell a product on-line
you should seriously think of running one (if you don’t
already). Affiliates help ‘spread the word’ about your site; they
also improve sales; AND – remember this! – they keep on re-
visiting your site to check just how much money they’ve made! You
win, and your affiliates win too (with improved site-content, and
earnings)! For further advice

This is one of my favourite (oops, favorite!) reasons for
visiting a web site. I mean, you’re reading this article aren’t
you? And when you’ve finished reading it you’ll then visit my
web site http://www.TextMeFree.com (Won’t you!?)

Seriously, writing articles about a subject you’re interested and
knowledgeable about, can bring lots of traffic to your site.
Write an interesting article (and not just a sales letter), then
sell yourself or your site in the article by-line at the bottom.
Here are links to inspire yo

I am not one for playing games, online! I still visit Lycos to
play Fetch most days, however (you just never know!). As for the
surfing habits of others – online games are BIG. Games can bring
repeat traffic to your site, and can even encourage game-players
to explore the rest of your site too.

As with most online content, there are free as well as fee-based
solutions. Just be clear as to the aims and objectives of an
online game before you decide to pursue this option.

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