Averting Cheap Phones Disasters, How To Solve The 10 Most Common Problems

Cell phones are great items to sell on eBay and online auction sites because scores of consumers seek out phone deals through slot gacor hari ini.

A reliable reseller can find great opportunity here.

People do want cheap mobile phones because no one wants to overspend in tough economic times. (Nor do they want to overspend in great economic times for that matter!) Unfortunately, even the best cheap phones may suffer from problems.

As a reseller, you will be required to solve your customer’s problems because this will improve your reputation and help you gain repeat business. Of course, this means you need to be familiar with a few of those frequent problems.

Troubleshooting Insights, Tips, and Solutions

Problem 1: The Phone Doesn’t Charge

Solution: phones do not charge for a number of reasons.

More common ones might include:
* Incorrectly connected cables
* Faulty cables
* A faulty charger or a charger working on the wrong voltage
* A faulty battery
* An old, or incorrectly charged, battery.

To ensure that you get the situation resolved quickly and efficiently with the minimum of frustration to the customer follow this procedure:

1) Ask the customer to ensure that the device is plugged in properly and firmly connected to both spots.
2) Ask the customer to try out the cable on another phone/try another cable on the phone.
3) Ask the customer which country they are in and which voltage is written on the charger.
4) Ask the customer if they fully charged the battery then charged it down again.

If procedures from one to four do not help the customers’ battery needs to be replaced.

Problem 2: The Phone’s Media Player Won’t Play A Certain File

Solution: Investigate the codec and file type used.

The issue of media files and codecs is a particularly murky one. Just because a cheap mobile phone has a MP3 Player it doesn’t mean that it will play MP3 files and very few cheap phones’ MP4 players actually play MP4 files.

It should be standard operating procedure for you to include all the media files and formats used by cheap phones in the listing. This will tell customers which files and formats don’t work with it.

Ask the customer what file they are using and that will allow you to establish if it is compatible with the phone or not.

And if it is not there are a number of  programs and sites that will help them convert the file to something that will work.

Problem 3: A Java Program/Ap Won’t Work

Solution: Apologize as there’s very little that can be done.

Unfortunately phone software is very selective on what phones it works on. What works on one brand of cheap mobile might not work on another.

The one solution to this problem is to test out a range of apps and programs on the phones that you are selling and then offer it as a download, or as a SD card that is already included with the phone.

Problem 4: The Phone Arrives With The GUI in a foreign language

Solution: Walk them through a language re-set.

While it’s disconcerting to see a phone set up in a different language it is not impossible to get it into a language that is easier to understand.

The settings menu often has an icon that looks like some cogs from a clock, or a screwdriver and hammer.

They should click on that then go to the fourth menu down which is normally ‘phone setup’ then the third menu which is traditionally ‘language’.

Once there they should see their native language as one of the options.

Problem 5: The Phone Reports Having A Faulty IMEI (India)

Solution: Get a new one installed.

This is a fairly straightforward process which involves to going to one of the telecommunication centers located all through India and aquiring a new, official IMEI number.

Problem 6: The Phone’s WAP/GPRS Network Won’t Connect Or The Customers’ Phone Can’t Send/Receive MMS Messages

Solution: Get them to contact their network provider.

There are certain items of information it would be wise to procure when you contact the cell network service provider. Here are those info items:
* Learn the exact name of the provider which is the profile name.
* The exact website where all the information is stored – aka the MMSC address
* The specific data account that both system and provider are using.
* The connection type that details the way the phone connects to the server.
* The user name designed to provide access to the network.
* The password that accompanies your username.

Once the customers contact their cellular network service providers, they can ask for the appropriate information.

The reps working for the provider service will then expertly help out their customers even if the mobile phone was not purchased through them.

In the unfortunate instance the customer care rep is not being professional the customer may be referred to you to acquire the settings.

However, this information is necessary and the only place they can get it from is their network provider so urge them to keep pushing.

Problem 7: The SIM Card Will Not Read

Solution: Get them to change which SIM card slot they use.

Unfortunately some phones don’t always have two SIM card slots that will work perfectly. But by switching the SIM card from slot 1 to slot 2, or from slot 2 to slot 1 you should be able to resolve the issue fairly easily.

Problem 8: Bluetooth Will Not Pair

Solution: Get them to explore all the phone’s Bluetooth option.

You first need to make sure the phone can “discover” the Bluetooth devices by engaging the settings. Allow the phone for search for the device.

When the device is located, select the specific model from the list of headsets the phone will present.

Problem 9: The Phone Won’t Read It’s External Memory

Solution: Get them to reset the phone then check to see if the card’s memory is faulty.

The first step is to ensure that the memory card has been fitted correctly. Ask the customer to switch off the phone, switch it on again and see if the phone registers the memory card.

If that does not work then ask them to take out the memory card and re-insert it. This will ensure they have put it in correctly.

If that doesn’t work ask them to take the memory device out and put it into another device or put another devices’ memory card into the cheap phone. This will reveal if there is in fact a problem.

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