Avoid Telephone, Direct Mail, Mail Order, and MLM Promotion Company Scams

The world is full of people and organizations promoting illegal Report Scam to suck your hard-earned money out of your pocket, bank account, or from your credit card account. Here are a few of them.(which he can get on his own once he has your bank account number)!

Joe Simple reads an ad in a magazine or receives a letter that invites him to make money by stuffing envelopes. He sends in $40.00 for a kit and gets nothing in return. Mary Blank reads a similar classified ad opportunity. She sends in $35.00 and gets a single sheet that tells her to place the same ad she responded to using her address as the money recipient. She is to then send out the same single sheet in reply.

April Think-Little sends for a mailing kit. She spends $53.00. She gets supplies and sends out the materials as instructed. No money comes in! She is told that nobody ordered from her mailings so there is no profit. Billy Lee Dream-World sends out $65.00 for an envelope stuffing opportunity. He makes his mailings and then is told they were not done quite right and that there will be no pay but that he should try again.

Companies and individuals promoting these scams are operating illegally. The Federal Trade Commission has targeted the larger envelope stuffing schemes. It has leveled charges against numerous work-at-home schemes throughout the United States.

I call this the Nigerian Scam but other countries have joined the party. Montreal Canada is a world center for scam generation. If you get an e-mail, a letter, read a classified ad, or get a telephone call from some strange character in some overseas place offering you a take of millions, RUN LIKE HELL! When we lived in Arizona a neighbor use to call me and say something like, “John! I’ve just won $100,000.00 from Readers Digest!”

I would say, “Now, Pearl, don’t do anything! I’ll be right over!” (Although she has passed away, I’m not using her real name.) She would tell me she got a call from Montreal and that all she had to do was send $2500.00 to get her big prize. I would call Readers Digest and the Canadian Government’s scam hunters and then tell her not to send any money because it was a scam.

The Nigerian Scam goes like this. Abdul Mahogany sends you an e-mail and tells you that his great uncle was a government official who died in jail. His uncle held large amounts of cash in a Swiss bank. To get the money from the Swiss account,

Abdul would have to travel to Switzerland and have the money transferred to an account in the United States. Abdul will give you half of the zillion dollars if he can transfer the money to your account. All he needs is YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER AND THE TRANSFER NUMBER TO YOUR BANK

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