Be the Most Modern House in the Neighborhood

Getting that modern or contemporary look in your Jupiter architects is not as simple as what it aims to project. Though simplicity is one of the most essential elements of contemporary design, creating that look is one complex task. There is a thin line that separates simplicity and plainness. That is the challenge of contemporary style. You have to make sure that simplicity blends well with sophistication.

One or two outstanding items inside your house must catch the interest and attention of your visitors’ eyes. Elaborate design is replaced by fine and artistic details. Combining the right colors, furniture and design can help in achieving that contemporary appeal in your house.

The modern color scheme includes white, cream and beige. These are used as base colors to send a feeling of freshness and coolness around the house. These colors may seem pale but they can act as perfect background for your bright and bold paintings. You can also add dark-colored rugs or accessories to accentuate and liven up your room.

Black is usually used to ground the neutral colors of a contemporary room. Accent walls can also be a part of that overall modern look to highlight a certain area in the house. Space is an important element in contemporary interiors. Clean and smooth surfaces are crucial to get that fresh and comfortable aura modern homes are known for.

Lesser furniture and accessories are part of contemporary design. The lesser picture frames and items you have on tables the better. Make sure that these few pieces are stylish and create a powerful impact on your visitors. Just a bright red love sofa on one side can surely make your room all fiery and hot. In each room, be sure to have a focal point. A large and bright-colored beanbag in your room can be mixed with light colored throw pillows on the sofa. You can show your artistic side by hanging one of your favorite abstract paintings on your living room.

Definitely reducing clutter to project a clean and spacious effect should be included in your list. Knick knacks and other stuff must be hidden. Open spaces characterize contemporary homes. Utilize standard functional materials like metal and glass to become artistic and stylish designs in your home. Metal gives that essential element of simplicity and at the same time allows you to showcase decorative items in a room. A staircase made of metal can surely give you that simple, cool and contemporary living that you want.

Contemporary shelving makes use of glass as a strong shelf and creates that simple yet elegant look. An artistically designed glass vase can give your open and simple living room that vibrant touch. Glass and metal are considered versatile materials that can combine functionality and form. These materials can be counted on their durability but contemporary designers have transformed them to create modern and chic furniture.

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