Christ Is God’s Answer To Our Prayers

As we mature into jesus christ gospel of love, we will find out more and more what a pleasing, filling, comforting, encouraging, humbling and empowering thing it is to know Him. And when we grow into the living, fiery admiration for Christ that God intended, then we will no longer view getting certain answers to prayers as our motivation for praying. But rather, to simply enjoy His wonderful Presence will be our main, overarching desire. All God’s creation and the Spirit of God Himself are already pointing to the heavenly riches of simply knowing Christ.

Christ Himself is already the world’s all-consuming Answer regardless of how many or how few people have the sense to recognize Him as such. In this way, for those of us who are His, Christ will simplify our minds and hearts into a corporate singularity of purpose in Him.

The Spirit of God is currently at work in His own people to make Jesus Christ their All in every life-scenario. We who follow Christ will know Him with an unforeseen quality of knowing. We will learn the not-so-mysterious secret of fellowship with the Almighty.

As we continue seeking Christ, we will discover more and more that He embodies everything we want or ever have wanted. Those who are wise enough to search out the depths of the riches of God in Christ will find out how all good things, and even the reconciliation of every bad thing, takes root in Him.

We might be distracted for a while by the impossibility of some situation. We may feel overwhelmed for a moment by the excess of people whom we are supposed to feed with this disheartening lack of bread and fish. But all such scenarios exist for this main purpose of driving stubborn men toward Christ. In every dire situation, Christ Himself is our ever-present Remedy. This is literally, always true.

A roof over our heads, medical insurance, full stomachs and retirement plans can be good things, but Christ is the Summation and the Source of all good things. Every good thing is a blessing from God and Christ is the Best Part of all these good things. But there is no way to realize this except by ongoing fellowship with Him.

Keep asking God for everything you want and see if He doesn’t give you something better, such as an otherworldly freedom from all insecure clinging. And the fact that Christ will meet you wherever you currently are should encourage you to keep seeking Him. But then again, don’t be surprised when He does not leave you where you are.

Some of us might be seeking Christ while religious turmoil boils and churns all around, threatening to discourage us completely. How, indeed, can anyone get a dependable picture of Christ when such strife exists in the world, especially within the official, religious community? The answer to this is in the asking. The main purpose of severe deprivation and hardship is to remind us to eat and drink our fill of our Heavenly Source before we look to any worldly source.

If God is God, then He has authority to teach us regardless of even our willful distractedness and confusion. If all that our overtaxed minds can wrap around right now is basic living, such as passing grades for students, or being able to pay the bills for working people… then great! Let’s use these things as well as every other opportunity available to us to maintain prayerful openness with Him.

The more prayerful exposure we have to the Divine Presence, whether we are aware of it or not, the more we will be changed. The Spirit of God is our Agent of success, the sole Catalyst in our spiritual growth, even if He has to continue His work in us despite us.

Christ is more real than any flesh-and-blood person. He was present before in flesh and blood, but now His Presence is even greater. He purposely made Himself available and approachable by His Spirit for the sake of expanding the horizons of earth-bound men.

Therefore, ask Christ to find any way possible to invade your daily life, even to the point that you would be unable to stop the overwhelming momentum of His Spirit. Because He alone is the Author and Perfector of all faith, He will teach you everything, including how to live, according to His specific purpose for you.

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