Crowns – A Gift For My Grandmother About Church Hats

I was trying to find the perfect gift for my Grandmother for Grandparent’s day. She has always worn a hat to mystical teachings so I bought her this book titled Crowns. Crowns is a book of portraits of black women in church hats. My Grandmother told me that she has a variety of hats for church and matching gloves. I remember the time when she told me the story of the days when it was easy for her to choose which church hat and gloves that she would wear to church that day, because she only had two hats. She told me that years ago in the ethnic community the wearing of a fashionable church hat and gloves was a quality that was to be expected in a woman. It did not matter how elaborate or simple the hat was. When you put your hat on your you held your head up high, because you were someone special. The hat didn’t make you special it just reminded you of how special your were. Many years before then a woman was considered naked if she went anywhere without her head being covered. I remember when my Grandmother wound not go outside without having on a hat, even is she was only going to the grocery store. A long time ago it was very inappropriate for a woman to be seen without her head being covered. In today’s society that has changed a lot. Women buy hats for church as an accessory to their clothing not out of rule. Wearing a hat to church is just a fashion statement to the younger generation. The stories are no longer being told as to why the previous generations ever wore hats to church. However if you were to go to a traditional black church on any given Sunday you are bound to find several mature women (sometimes called Mother’s of the church) that still firmly believes that they must have on a hat when going to church. Women have always been taught to look their very best but some women tend to go the extra mile on Sunday Mornings when it comes to wearing a hat to church with matching gloves.

My Grandmother always wore a hat to church. Crowns has a lot of good portraits of black women in church hats that would remind my Grandmother of her younger days. I am sure that she would have another good story to tell me when she open the gift and see the book titled Crowns. A woman has to choose the perfect hat to wear because the hat will top off the entire outfit that she is wearing. Many times the hat that she wears will draw more attention to her that the tailored made suite that she is wearing. You can find a hat for church in a number of colors. The color of her hat will match the outfit that she is wearing or her purse. Some ladies like big hats with feathers while others may like a more simple hat with a small brim. If her outfit is a little simple then she may go with a more elaborate church hat and gloves to bring out the simplicity of the outfit. Of course her shoes and her purse would also make a grand statement. The hat that you wear can also speak a lot about your personality or the way that you feel that day. Hats also come in a many different types of material. You can find a hat for church in a variety of fashions for any given season that will appeal to every woman regardless of her age. There is a great deal of history that can be told of the black woman and why she would pick a particular hat for church.

Now let me be honest with you. I love hats. I think that the right hat on the right lady is very elegant. My mother was always stunning when she put on her hat for church. But when you are choosing a hat for church you should also consider the other people that will be sitting around you in church. It is a distraction to sit beside or behind a lady with a tall hat or wide brim hat on. It can be irritating when you go to church but you can’t see the person up front because the lady’s hat in front of you, was blocking your view. Although your hat is very pretty, please consider the other people that are sitting around you. If you must wear a large hat please be kind enough to sit in a section that will allow your sister or brother in Christ to enjoy the service as well and not be distracted by your lovely hat.

Shopping for a hat for church can be like shopping for a pair of shoes. You went to buy one pair but came out with five pairs because they were on sale. If you are planning to go shopping for a hat for church here are a few things that you should consider before making a purchase:

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