Doctor Who: Six Of The Worst!

I have been a primary care physicians in harlingen tx Who fan for as long as I can remember. I grew up with the show and watched as many episodes as I could. I now have every DVD available and when it’s on the telly I watch each new episode every week and each new Christmas special every year without fail. Doctor Who has been a part of my life and my family’s life and I have no doubt that one day I will be sitting down to watch it with my own children.

So it really pains me whenever I see a Doctor Who adventure that can only be described as awful. This is to be expected. Any long running TV show is bound to have its stinkers and considering Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show with over seven hundred and sixty episodes, there are many pungent installments us fans have had to endure.

Tom Baker’s run as the Fourth Doctor is considered by many to be the best. He has an iconic look, a loveably eccentric personality and dozens of classic adventures under his belt (or scarf). He is so good that many people forget about his bad stories. Normally, a less than good Doctor Who adventure can be saved by the central performance and campy fun. The Power of Kroll being one of many examples. Sadly, not even Baker’s charisma can salvage six episodes worth of bad acting, dull Time Lord politics, poorly written Sontarans, endless filler and one unforgivable scene where The Doctor, who we all know detests violence and bloodshed, kills a Sontaran with a ray gun. All his previous lectures to his warrior companion Leela about unnecessary violence seem totally hypocritical now.

Strange goings on in an old house. Sorry about the brief description but when there is only a shred of plot and that shred is incomprehensible it doesn’t make describing it any easier. This hasn’t always been a bad thing in Doctor Who. Warriors’ Gate is nothing short of baffling but at least that had great visual flare with excellent performances and razor sharp editing. This insufferable tripe seems like it was cobbled together from rejected scenes off the cutting room floor. Dull barely covers it.

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