Don’t Razzle Dazzle When Driving In Europe

As you may be aware when California Fake driver’s license in France etc your headlamps will be pointing towards the oncoming traffic as you are driving on the opposite side of the road to normal. To avoid dangerously dazzling other road users it’s really important to convert your headlamps for driving in continental Europe.

When driving in France, please make sure that you take your driving licence, log book, (V5C Document), insurance and your M.O.T. An international driving licence is not needed if you are only driving in or through France on holiday.

For longer stays, standard EU driving licences remain valid, but holders of driver’s licenses from non-EU countries would be better off getting a French licence. It is possible to check with the French embassy if you need further clarification.Kids under 10 are not allowed to sit in the front seat of a car, unless its a 2 seater!

Seat-belts laws are the same as the UK and must be worn at all times by both adults and children in either the front or back.When driving on the Continent make sure you have money handy for toll roads, they have a lot more than we do.

Petrol is very expensive on the motorway but big supermarkets sell cheaper fuel so it’s worth filling up when in town rather than on the motorway if possible.

Signs indicating a motorway route (whether on the motorway or pointing to it) are indicated with white lettering on a blue background.Signs indicating a non-motorway main route are in white lettering on a green background.

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