Four Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Built Garages

The addition of a reno epoxy flooring to a home offers the best opportunity to create a bit of extra space for working and storage. One of the best types of garages to consider in such an endeavor are custom built garages. Apart from gaining extra space with such a garage, there is the potential to increase the home’s market value.

Custom built garages are available in various shapes, sizes and materials. They can also be designed to attach to the main residence or to free-stand. For the right custom garage to be built, there is need for proper research and planning. Information on how to go about the process can help you make the right decision.


Establishing the main function of the garage is the first step you should take. A list of the potential uses for the garage should be made. This list should include storing the everyday motorbike, van or car to recreational vehicles (caravans, ATVs, boats) or garden equipment (lawn mowers). Once you have compiled the list of items you would want stored, it will be easier to determine the space required to accommodate them. Additionally, if you want to use the garage as workshop, you should consider electricity, heating and lighting.


The land available also has a significant impact on the size and type of garage. The upper most size limit for the garage will be determined by an accurate measurement of the empty land. Furthermore, the size of the build may require getting in touch with local authorities to determine restrictions and / or acceptability for such a design. Local authorities will help you know if there are specific stipulations in relation to the height of a garage.


Decide if you want your garage to be the standard customized design or you have a specific design in mind. Although you may find the cost of custom built garages is higher than other types of garages, you will be certain to get a garage that will meet all your requirements to perfection. To get better information on the same, you will need to make sure you consult a professional in the garage building industry.


The financial aspect of custom built garages should also be taken into serious consideration. Depending on the overall size, materials used and design, a garage can be quite expensive. It is therefore prudent to ensure you have established the maximum available funds you can use to purchase a garage during the planning process. Once you have determined the most suitable price range, try and stick to the same. Factors such as electricity, doors and windows can have a significant bearing on the cost. It is important to factor these points in when you are making a budget for your garage.

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