How Might Direct Mail Be Used to Build Your Email List?

Direct mail has long been viewed as one of the most important marketing methods available. Over the last decade or so, it has been overshadowed by text mail subscriber, but if you have a mailbox, then you know that it is very much alive. Although you do not hear about it all that much these days, this vehicle is still highly effective at helping business generate leads, promote offers, and support other marketing efforts, all while enabling companies to communicate with their audience. It can also be used effectively to build your email list. This article will provide a few examples on how it can be done.

Direct Subscribers to Your Opt-in Form

A direct mail marketing campaign can be the catalyst that drives people directly to your sign-up form online. Simply add the website URL on your marketing materials in a place where recipients can see it, and include some text letting them know you want to connect with them via email. There is no predicting how many of your direct mail subscribers will sign up, but if they already know you for consistently delivering valuable content, they are far more likely to take the bait. This is a simple way to grow your email list, and treat your offline customers to a more efficient communication experience.

Create Temptation with Incentives

Consumers are usually more willing to sign up for just about anything when they know they are guaranteed something worthwhile in return. You can use this to your advantage when leveraging direct mail to grow your email list. A nice incentive could be all it takes to increase your subscriber conversions. For example, if you have large quantities of a certain product on hand or inventory that is moving slow, unload it as an incentive and see if it helps build your list. This is a tried and true method that not only works exceptionally well with email, but also other forms of marketing.

Email-Exclusive Offers

Consumers often go through trials and tribulations when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Many are hesitant at first, but end up being persuaded when encountering a deal that is just too good to pass up. Using direct mail to deliver benefits that can only be reaped by email subscribers is a great way to convert existing subscribers to your other list. Keep in mind that this has to be something that is seen as irresistible to convince them that signing up and reading your messages is worth the hassle. Some marketers find that this technique works best when the offer coincides with your current marketing content.

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