How to Bring Your Parking Decks Back to Life

Parking lots are some of the most constantly-trafficked locations in any facility. They receive daily physical loads from vehicles and feet traffic, not to mention mechanical loads in the case of industrial facilities. The parking Deck repair saint louis\deck builder st louis coatings take a beating at the same time. Adding natural factors such as sunlight, rain, snow, and wind to the scenario and no wonder parking decks and their coatings systems are more prone to faster deterioration and damage than other areas in the facility.

To bring back the good condition of parking structures, the facility manager should implement a solution based on three important elements, which are below:

1. Regular Preventive Maintenance

Even if parking structures are built properly using the highest-quality materials and tools, time is still the greatest enemy that will eventually take a toll on parking structures. A well-planned and well-executed preventive maintenance program aims to protect parking areas from future damages and increase their service life.

Before the conduct of preventive maintenance, the area is inspected closely for any damages and deterioration. The coatings system is checked and the surfaces are examined for any cracks or rents. The thorough inspection forms the basis for the repairs that need to be done, and what type of deck coatings to use to address any ongoing problem.

During preventive maintenance, the area is cleaned and repaired thoroughly. This ensures that the coatings system will last longer and keep the parking structure protected for as long as possible.

Parking deck structures require maintenance every two to three years.

2. Best-Fit Deck Coatings

The parking lot’s coatings system help preserve its good condition. Many deck coatings products address the most common problem of parking areas — water infiltration. Waterproofing coatings are often used to repair water-logged areas and as part of a facility’s comprehensive waterproofing project. Urethane membranes are particularly useful in waterproofing parking structures, because of their durability and ease-of-applicability.

If deterioration is in progress, deck coatings solutions that seal or repair cracks and tears are very useful. Most of these repair formulations are combined with silicate-based mixes and epoxy primers to complete the urethane-based waterproofing system.

The long-term efficiency of the installed deck coatings system often depend on the choice of coatings product and its correct preparation and application in the hands of skilled professionals.

3. Parking Deck Professionals

Parking deck restoration work often involve downtime to target areas, but in general, a skilled deck coatings contractor can do the job without bringing major disruption to the everyday life of facility employees, tenants and visitors.

Many facility managers maybe content to entrust the parking areas to the hands of an in-house crew. But there is greater value in enlisting professionals. Contractors have unique knowledge of the most high-performing parking deck coatings available in the market. They can recommended the most appropriate coatings, primers, fillers, sealers and materials specific to the needs of the facility’s parking areas.

Since parking decks provide the first impression of the facility to visitors alighting out of their cars, it is essential that these areas are in good condition all the time. Entrusting their restoration to professionals assure that they look their best and provide convenient service to people entering the facility.

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