How To Clean A Motorcycle To A Showroom Shine

If you have paid good money for your 3 wheel motorcycle for sale it is always important to make sure it looks its best. Why would you want to spend loads of money on a motorcycle just to let it go tatty and look dirty? If you are wanting to sell your motorcycle then making it look “spick and span” is a great way to catch a potential buyers eye and could even increase the value or what the buyer is willing to pay. Another great benefit of cleaning your motorcycle is can spot any faults while cleaning it which can be vital for a riders safety.

A must own tool in my opinion is a paddock stand. A paddock stand is perfect for any and all maintenance jobs and every motorcycle enthusiasts should own one. For the best results I recommend using a pressure washer or a high pressure spray nozzle, a paint brush cut down to around 2 inch’s and degreaser to get chain lube and grease off your motorcycle. You will also need a high standard cleaning agent and WD40 as well as some motorcycle shampoo (not washing up liquid as anything that contains salt should be avoided) and a good quality absorbent cloth to soak up access water. To finish off the motorcycle to a high standard you will need a good quality wax.

For tools you will need any and all Allen keys to remove the body work. This is essential as the amount of dirt and grim that gets under the bodywork can be harmful to your motorcycle and removing this will give it the professionally cleaned look.

The only reason a person shouldn’t do this is if they have a phobia of a bit of work. There really is no other excuse or reason why someone shouldn’t be able to do this so try not to worry or get scared of breaking something. This is the basic of maintenance that will also give you the opportunity to learn about your motorcycle and the basic parts.

Place your motorcycle on your paddock stand so you can get to all of your motorcycle and turn your rear wheel with ease. Make sure you have connected your hose to a pressure washer or high pressure pray nozzle. Try not to do this after a long ride and it would be ideal if your motorcycle was cold so the soapy water doesn’t dry to quick.

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