Hurricane Shutters: A Necessary Precaution

With the current increase in number and intensity of hurricanes and their expanded range, a new focus needs to be placed on preparedness. Obviously, there are certain times when evacuation is the only answer. But, in the mean time, we need to focus on better preparation. Well built structures still need the added protection of hurricane قیمت درب کرکره برقی ارزان. Without shutters, substantial damage can still be experienced even if the main structure is not affected due to wind breakage and the intrusion of winds and rain. Well designed shutters can result in reduced damages.

There are a number of commercial shutters on the market and various plywood designs. It is important that the public be informed as to which type of shutter is most effective. What are the best shutters? The best kind is those that are affordable, are easy to install an offer the best protection. Which of these properties is most important depends on individual circumstance. Some would prefer an automatic closing or accordion shutter. Those on limited income may have to resort to inexpensive plywood shutters. The most worthless type of protection is in the use of tape over the windows. This does nothing to prevent breakage and could result in larger, more dangerous pieces of flying glass and is very hard to remove after the storm. Some people are using a special impact resistant material with some success. Others are using a new type of impact resistant storm window.

Various commercial storm shutters can be effective but many are untested and have been found to fail in stronger hurricanes. Today all commercial shutters pass rigorous tests before being approved for sale and installation. The shutters range from the most inexpensive, metal corrugated panels, aluminum or steel (heavier but stronger). To electrically operated roll shutters, also effective if properly constructed. Some however can not afford any type of commercial shutter and must resort to using plywood. Many times the plywood can be ripped off in high winds and become flying missiles. Keep in mind you should protect your home with the best hurricane shutters you can afford. After all, your home is your castle and should be protected by whatever means you have available. Whatever type of shutters selected, remember that shutters are only as good as their installation.

Also a shutter cannot fully compensate for a poorly constructed house and or an unprotected garage or other large objects that can impact homes and other structures during a major hurricane. But, with a little preparation beforehand the damage will be minimized. Plywood shutters are an inexpensive alternative to commercial shutters but it should be noted they do not always meet certain building code requirements. You might want to check with your county first before installing them. They do require a good deal of physical labor to install. In many regions people will come together in time of crisis and with a few extra pair of hands, and a little thought in preparing, things will move along at a much higher pace. Whatever type of hurricane shutter you select always use the best you can afford. And, after they are installed be sure to inspect all panels on a regular basis.

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