Importance Of Maintaining A Normal CPU Temperature

Something often overlooked by the everyday computer user is the care of the CPU processor. Many times if something is going wrong internally such as the heat sink has failed or other fans within the tower fail your normal pcdesigner temperature may rise and overheat causing your computer to shut off or restart, or begin to be a very slow computer. It is a good idea to monitor these temperatures.

There are many brands of motherboards and also brands of CPU processors, making it a bit tougher to know what exactly your normal temp should be. Also playing into this equation is locality of the CPU in regards to the sensor as well as the software you are running. Today’s computers however, it is safe to say that CPU temperature norms should never go over 95C and generally will run at 70C up to approximately 90C.

One way to check these temperatures is by rebooting your computer and going into your BIOS setup. It will show the current temp there. You can then use the link we have listed in this article to see if it is within the normal cpu temps according to the brand and processor (ex: AMD Athlon64 – 65C to 70C).

You also may wish to install software that will run continuously in the background within Windows. If you are like a lot of people they leave their computers running all the time. If you have software monitoring this and you are aware of what your normal cpu temperature should be you can perhaps avoid a crash.

If you find that shutting off your pc for a bit and then turning it back on has not helped lower the temperature you may wish to take some measures to help keep it at its normal CPU temps.

* First make sure that your heat-sink is functioning properly; if it is you may wish to install a more powerful one.

* Ensure that the location of your computer is not placed in a ‘hot’ location. Also ensure that you have plenty of ventilation, do not place the tower in an enclosed area.

* You can try other measures such as adding a heat pipe, water cooler, or even phase-change cooling.
* You can also add better internal fans to your computer, especially if you notice the CPU running hot often.

You should be advised that if you do not do anything to maintain a normal cpu temperature it could easily lower the life of the cpu.

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