Importance of Verification of Domestic Help

In the recent past, the country seems to have suddenly woken up to the alarming crime rate being committed by domestic help. So what ensures safety when you want to employ a stranger for a domestic help? Truthfully, the answer is 먹튀검증. There are no written guarantees for a person’s character, temperament or behavior. Each of these traits can only be indicators and are very dynamic and change with situations and circumstances. In the current demanding work scenario, it is practically impossible to run a household with no external help. So how then can we trust an outsider with our valuables and provide access into our house?

Well, to a certain extent, verification of your potential domestic help is the key. Again, it is no thumb rule that this comes with a warranty that a verified help will not indulge in crime, but it is just a spanner in place to make the person more aware and responsible. Effective screening of candidates and passing them through behavioral, character, past employment and id verification will give you a relatively comprehensive idea about the personality of the potential domestic help. These will surely aid you to gain confidence in your hiring decision.

Conducting background screening of domestic help has become a matter of necessity for employers for several reasons. Many candidates make false claims or have been involved in criminal activity which they may not disclose. Verification ensures a higher degree of safety owing to the fact that the candidate is evaluated based on his previous employment, identity and contacts and this process ascertains people with adverse records. One doesn’t necessarily have to end up facing potentially problematic issues and situations before concluding that the domestic help was wrongly hired. Rather a precautionary check and identity verification will help prevent or reduce the chances of such incidents occurring.

Reference checks help identify what impression the references have of this person’s attitude and usually one or more references hail from previous employment so that provides first hand information on the reliability of the candidate. With respect to non-criminal verification, the background check may, for e.g., reveal discrepancies between actual and reported dates of employment, nature of tasks handled, and potential difficult scenarios the employer should expect when hiring the domestic help. Additionally, a screened candidate implies availability of records for that person. In the untoward incident of crime, it gets easy to track the person and legally bind him. Recovery in case of theft becomes possible.

In spite of all this, caution and vigil on part of the employer and basic etiquette like keeping valuables properly locked, not giving unwarranted freedom to the help, having back up checks from time to time, installing hidden cameras or watchful mechanisms, avoiding negligence in handling valuables, doing sudden and unexpected visits home from work etc are all comprehensive internal controls that discourage the domestic helps’ attempts of any criminal activity and defeat their endeavors in case they do make an effort. Filing the records submitted by the verification bureau, keeping a photo and fingerprints of the help, alerting the neighbors and society when leaving home for longer periods, are additional steps one must be sure to take.

Make certain to approach a professional organization involved in background verification to ensure foolproof reporting of the facts. For now, this is the most trusted preventive mechanism.

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