Make A Miracle – Has It Happened To You

That is simple. Just don’t hold back. Let it rip and give it all you have! Make a acim mp3. You have your goal clearly focused in your mind’s eye. In another words, you have what you want clearly focused in the cross hairs. If your were a sharp shooter….Bang, bulls eye. Perfect score.

Now, bring up on the picture screen of your imagination, your itemized strategy and tactics you have outlined on your business plan or mental notes. See yourself, in your imagination, following your strategy and successfully accomplishing your objectives. Make a miracle.

Now for the fun part. Take your hopes and dreams and turn them into Reality. In most cases, not all, but most, break down your objectives into smaller parts or segments. Line them up in a sequential logical manner and begin the actualization process. Start prospecting, check your inventory or whatever.

For you creative types, that don’t like being hampered with outlines and plans, don’t worry about it. Just start somewhere and make things happen! But, do, please do, keep your goal in mind.

Depending on your stamina and endurance levels, eventually you are going to want to throw the whole business out the window and with total disgust, forget about it. Just For those remaining few blessed, hard headed, and stubborn souls that refuse to give up on themselves and their goals, there are some very interesting things waiting for you. When you are totally exhausted, frustrated and fed up and just about ready to throw in the towel, something incredible happens to you.

I mean, it is like make a miracle. The missing piece of the pie comes together and gels your entire program.

Some weird thing that totally defies logic happens. Maybe it is an unexpected telephone call from an important person that will realize your success of your goal. Or, maybe something comes in the mail, that inspires you on to achievement. A chance meeting with an individual you never thought you would see, that make things happen for you Big Time. Whatever…there is no rhyme or reason for your sudden good fortune.

Make a miracle. It has happened to you. Congratulations.

p.s. Here is a short “make a miracle” personal story about myself. I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. I began this martial art journey when I was 57 years old. I didn’t start out with the flexibility that someone should have for this adventure.

By the time I was taking my “testing” for my lst Degree Black Belt, I was worried sick. Some of the kicks I was required to execute called for great flexibility. I just knew I was going to screw up and make a fool of myself during the Saturday Testing Event for Black Belts at my school. Nevertheless, my love and desire for the martial art kept me practicing my techniques.

When the day of testing arrived, I was hyped and psyched up. My Master called my name out to begin my testing. To make a long story short, I had so much adrenalin pumping through my body, that it wasn’t funny.

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