Miracles and Healing Power of the Mind – Your Reality

Healing power certainly can give us a course in miracles youtube health. But it’s easy for our mind to see a virus when we are ill as evil and demanding and in charge, and therefore believe we must have to fight this thing off.

There was the story about someone’s lack of healing power and seeing a virus as her source, or at best an unwanted violator-not to mention her constant hacking and sneezing and fever telling her what was in control.

Ironically, seeing the virus as in control only made it more alive for her, when in reality she was separating more of her mind from its true Source–God, and engaging in more wrong-minded, or ego-based, fragmentation.

When she allowed blame to set in toward the others who may have spread the germs to her, as well as other issues in her life leaving her struggling, she used this blame as a defense against the insanity she was experiencing.

Finally she realized she needed to atone-meaning shifting her mind toward wholeness instead of the belief in separation from her true Source, leaving the virus where it was-in her body-to run its natural course.

She found that when she talked to it and faced it head on she was making the seemingly impossible become possible. She was leaving ego-based thinking behind and letting it understand that in no way was it going to govern who she truly is.

Yes, her power of the mind stood by with healing power and merely watched it leave town-just like the sheriff in an old western movie escorting the bad guys to the town’s boundary line.

To atone here, means to undo any separated thought from the Oneness of God, thereby leaving you whole. Her own ego-based thought was making an illusion out of the virus and building additional ego-based defenses.

It doesn’t understand true free will and living to your true calling, and thereby thrives on making us feel it necessary to experience loss or sacrifice in order to win battles against enemies-the “other.”

Our typical response is usually a call “out” to God somewhere outside of us, to please get rid of this nasty illness. The emphasis always seems to be: “I am sick.” You are not “sick”, you are of your Source which is whole and eternal.

When we atone back to our Source we are simply experiencing power of the mind while remembering that we are not an idea of our “sick body,” and healing power is restored. This is the idea the most successful on the planet have instilled in them.

We are the Idea of God, which means that this Idea, which is of Oneness, cannot include illness. When you ask the Holy Spirit to direct your healing power awareness back to whole-minded thinking, then a connectedness to this Oneness can be felt.

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