The Crowne Plaza Airport Rises Above Its Shortcomings

Orlando, Florida has no shortage of galaxy blue sapphire plaza Noida Extension for vacationers, events and business travelers. You can publish the hotel section of the Orlando Yellow pages as a separate book and it would be big enough. So competing against the others in town makes for a challenge that most hotels are not willing to attempt to rise above the competition. The Crowne Plaza Airport, however, has stepped into the ring as a contender.

With amazing architecture that makes it look like a cross between a huge greenhouse and a solar power plant, it really stands out from the 10 other hotels within walking distance. The landscaped grounds are pleasing to behold, since it is one of the few hotels on that stretch of Semoran Blvd. that is right on the road, instead of back on a side street like all of the other hotels surrounding it.

The interior of the Crowne Plaza Airport is opulent, making a traveler feel comfortable without making a parent afraid that their kids are going to break something. The lobby is large and inviting, with sofas surrounding extra large coffee tables to make it look like a living room rather than a hotel lobby.

The hotel staff was polite both times I stayed there, in fact offering to upgrade my friend and giving him a preferred rate. Membership in the Priority Club has its privileges, because on weekdays members get free continental breakfast and in the evenings they get snacks and refreshments. Priority Club members also get free Internet access, too, while other guests have to pay $9.95 per day for Internet access.

The rooms were nice, but the slate tiles in the bathrooms of both rooms I stayed in were cracked and loose, apparently from the water that streams down to the floor from the shower because the tub was not level, so that no matter how tightly you placed the shower curtain, the water sought its own level to the floor. Another complaint I had about the bathrooms were the lack of ventilation fans, since the steam buildup in bathrooms is irritating to those of us who like to see ourselves in the mirror after a shower… just saying.

Finding the hotel was a challenge, because the Orlando area has another Crowne Plaza, and the GPS system I was using did not have the Crowne Plaza Airport on the list. So we ended up lost for about an hour as we were directed to a Crowne Plaza that no longer existed and one on S. Kirkman that was not the one we wanted. Once I figured out how to get to the airport, it was much easier going, because the Toll Road (528) takes you straight to it when you take exit 11. If you want to get directions using your GPS, make sure you have the address of the hotel. (5555 Hazeltine National Dr, Orlando, FL 32812)

It does have a couple of things that push in its favor, however! If you are flying in, you have it made, because the hotel offers a free 24 hour Airport Shuttle, so that you can get a lift without having to pay another $20 or more for a ride to the hotel. The hotel is a favorite of pilots and flight attendants from all the major airlines, because of the location and the hospitality it provides. The hotel is a scant mile from the airport (well from the runway, the terminal takes about 15 minutes to get to from the hotel) so it is a popular destination from all over the world.

Located close to all the major theme parks in Orlando, visitors bent on getting their fill of Mickey and the gang can rent a car from the Avis lot right next door or have a taxi take them. In either case, the hotel is not more than 20 minutes from the attractions.

Dining in the hotel is nice, the food tastes good, but the pricing is on the higher side, although for Orlando, it is right about median price. The breakfast buffet is $13 but it has everything you could want right there, ready for you. I have been in hotels where a breakfast buffet with less than that cost $21, so I was happy. If you are a Priority Club member, you can go into a room on the 10th floor where you can get Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, cereal, fruit and pastries for free Monday through Friday. Weekends, you have to go to the restaurant or have room service bring it to you using the little card you fill out the night before.

Orlando has an irritating but convenient practice of having all of the local pizza delivery restaurants slip little menus under your door to give you an easy way to choose where to order some lunch or dinner if you are tired of hotel food. Across the street from the hotel is Tony Romas, Chili’s and a Wendy’s, but the service at both of the sit down restaurants was very slow. If you want to get in and out, you may have to get a ride further up the road. The shuttle will take you and come get you up to 2 miles from the hotel, so you can select some restaurants that are a little further away than walking distance for variety.

I had pleasant experiences both times at this hotel, and I recommend it for someone who is planning a stay in Orlando, but be prepared for the disrepair of the bathrooms. Aside from the floor tiles and no fan, the toilet handle was broken, so that sometimes you had to jiggle it to be able to get the tank to fill. Obviously not all rooms will be like that, but if I had two rooms with poor bathrooms, there are probably others as well. The lobby men’s room housed one toilet (odd for being so close to the bar) and the other closest bathroom was near the convention center.

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