Things to Consider – Choosing Frying Pan

Buying a frying is a really tough job especially when you need the one in which the non-stick doesn’t come off. So you need to give a thought to this, to make your cooking enjoyable and let your frying pan last for years.

I am sure most of you might be looking for a general purpose pan which has a good quality non-stick surface that can be cleaned with ease and also reduce the fat content in the food. You can pick a number of such pans for different purposes. You must also consider the depth while choosing a frying pan. For an example if you cook omelettes then you would require having shallow sides so that the food can slide out easily. In case you start off a dish and add sauce then you might require a frying pan. Apart from this, you need to make sure that your frying pan should have a good heavy base. Some brands like Swiss Diamond or SKK might be an expensive option but can last for years.

You can also pick stainless steel frying pans which have a good appearance but do not conduct much of the heat unless they include a sandwich of aluminium or copper in the base. While cooking you would require paying a lot of attention since the food stuff can also stick and burn. Hence you need to take a lot of care that you do not overdo things.

You can also choose the frying pans that are designed from cast iron. The best part is that it heats up slowly and holds the temperature and thus conducts the heat quite evenly. If you are a lover of the Eastern food and dry spices then this could be the best choice for you. However if you get a large cast iron pan home then it can be quite heavy.

Nowadays there are alternatives to the non-stick pans. These are available in the form of blue steel pans. Blue steel pans are basically untreated mild steel. The best feature is that these are inexpensive and offer you good results so that they have a longer life and can also be used in combination with the metal utensils. They need to be handled with proper care and also require to be seasoned carefully before these are used.

For this purpose, you need to wash the pan in soapy water followed by drying it and heating it up. A heatproof brush can be used for the purpose of coating it with groundnut oil or corn oil. It is advisable not to use sunflower oil or olive oil since they tend to make the frying pan quite sticky. The pan is supposed to be heated until the oil is smoking and then can be allowed to cool. You can then wipe it clean and repeat the entire procedure. Thus a lot of care is required in case you choose a frying pan designed from blue steel.

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