Want to Quit buy smok ny? It is Easier Than What You Might Think

The desire to stop buy smok ny for a chain smoker is a dream they wish would come true. It can be possible to quit smoking and even easy.

Do you have confidence in yourself? Do you believe you can stop smoking? The decision to quit is where the first step lies; there is no point in me telling you to trust yourself. What I am asking is to give yourself a chance, even if you failed many times in the past. Try to follow the success of other people.

If it is difficult for you to make an honest decision with yourself to quit then think of the benefits that quitting smoking brings with:

Smoking influences many aspect of our lives, physically, emotionally, socially and financially.

Physically – The most important one is our health, smoking is not natural to our body which tries to reject it time after time by coughing and by other symptoms. Quitting smoking will increase your lifespan and will make you feel better.

Emotionally – We get used to smoking, our inner conditioning “calls a cigarette” on specific moments. Even though that it is not always true, quitting smoking gets us ready to deal with some of our deepest emotions, like anxiety and fear, anger and being restless. Using the right quit smoking programs can reduce and even eliminate any negative emotional effects.

Socially – Your friends and family, some of them are smokers. It might be difficult in the beginning to be with other smokers. What happened to me is that I started having non smoking friends.

Financially – This is the most fun part. Non smoking is much cheaper than smoking. First you save on buying cigarettes and it continues with the dentist bill and goes further to any other medical treatments on cigarette damages (and those are not cheap).

There are many things you can do to stop smoking, if we said earlier that making a decision is the first step, and then the second step is to decide which method I am going to use.

You can try to quit cold turkey, which is the most difficult way to quit smoking or you can decide on a proven quit smoking program that will assist to quit smoking.

Following are a few tips you can follow if you decide to quit smoking cold turkey:

  1. Decide on a quit smoking date.
  2. Do not be too harsh on yourself if you did not manage to quit on that date. Just decide on a new date.
  3. After you quit smoking, do not smoke a cigarette again.
  4. Take the same smoking breaks you used to take before quitting (this time without a cigarette) with a glass of water.
  5. Whenever you feel cravings for cigarette just have a glass of water.
  6. If you feel bad in anyway, consult your doctor.
  7. Go to a dentist and clean your teeth.
  8. Start do exercise, it will help the body heal itself; start with walking, or any other simple thing. Do only what is allowed to you by your doctor.
  9. Deep breathing, is very good in the beginning, from time to time take a deep breath, no need for more than that, it helps replacing the smoke conditioning with a fresh air one.
  10. Do whatever makes you feel good, and enjoy life. This period of quit smoking, makes us so alert and aware to our needs to it is a great opportunity to find new things of interest.

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