What Is The Best Time To Try And Sell My House?

If you have decided to sell your home there are some questions that need to be answered. Before you make any final decision one important question is when should I try to Buy my house for cash? Even though in the end the choice is yours you should know that there are good and bad times to sell your house if you want to sell your house fast.

Most homes sell in the spring and the early summer. The busiest months for home sales are May through July. This is more than likely due to the warmer weather, longer days, and the ease of buyers seeing more homes because they are able to get around more. People may walk around the block and see homes that look more attractive because the lawns are green, and the landscaping is being taken care of.

Also people who buy houses may also choose this time because if they have kids it is easier to move when they are out of school instead of disrupting the entire school year by changing schools midway through. People also tend to have cash for holiday money or big tax refunds so it is easier to get the financing done.

Agents are also on their ‘A game during’ this season because they know they have the opportunity to list many homes that will be sold within this season. Marketing is easier because they are able to showcase more of your home then they would be able to in winter months. Buyers want to see how the grass is growing, that beautiful flower garden in the backyard, and how the patio is perfect for summer barbeques and parties. Buyers like to be able to imagine themselves in these types of settings. Having potential buyers see these things up close and personal gives you a better chance of selling a home once buyers begin to emotionally connect to your home.

You are of course able to list your house during the fall or winter if you would like. Even though these times are slower it does not mean that there are not buyers during these months. If you list during the fall you may be able to get a retiree who wants to buy before it gets too cold. Even though the buyers you see will probably be serious about the home you will have to work hard to find and keep them during these months and ensuring that you are keeping your house up by getting the grass cut and trying to keep the leaves up and some color in the flower beds.

Selling during the winter is probably the biggest challenge. Many buyers will have the time and money invested in the holiday season. People are worrying about bills and presents plus they may well be traveling to family or having family come to stay with them. Also a lot of people won’t want to venture out during the colder months of winter to look at homes. The one advantage you do have is that there is a lot less competition from other people looking to sell their home. If you list during this time you have to make sure that your house is able to stand out on both the inside and outside.

The ultimate decision of when to list is up to you; just make sure you are informed of the trends during the seasons and where you can fit in. Certainly the season is not the only factor that will influence the sale of your home, and in places where the season is the same most of the year, these trend are more subtle. Just beware of what buyers are looking for in whatever season you sell your home and keep an open mind picturing yourself in the buyer’s shoes. No matter what the season, offer your home in the best condition you can and keep your options open!

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