Why Bangladesh is the best place for software development

Every company is equipped with a certain amount of developers. sms gateway Not all of them have the best one. There are more than 800 registered software companies in Bangladesh. Among them, there are a few software development company in Bangladesh. Other than hundreds of unregistered software companies directly or indirectly working with the local market and the global market. All of them are not in the top category. Only a few of them are the best when it comes to service and quality.

The recent statistics show that around thirty thousand professionals are actively working in the country’s IT sector. Just only the IT Company in Bangladesh is worth more than $250 million. The software industry of Bangladesh is filled with the best and talented graduated employees. Their lead in this field helped to boost the software development sector to an extended level.

According to the BASIS report, it has been shown that there are around 70% of companies are working in the maintenance of software for both global and local clients. Only a few percent and the extraordinary companies are engaged with the development of new and latest software that is essentially needed in the country’s development. Previously there was no dimension of mobile banking in Bangladesh. But the recent progress in the banking sector clearly shows that how important a role software has played here.

It is way more manageable when it comes to money transactions, and it can be done from anywhere in the country, and it has only been possible due to mobile banking. This sector got boosted after some talented software developers worked out to get a solution for the easiest way for sending money from any corner of the country.

Other than the banking sector, many platforms are handled by the software development industry of Bangladesh. There are many e-commerce, e-learning, and other essential software that the country has developed by their own developers. From previous times to recent times, the statistics show that.

Bangladesh’s software industry has gained a growth of more than 30% in the market. Every company focuses on different things, so for the pharmaceutical and textile industry, ERP software development is being carried out. The software development sector of Bangladesh also controls the financial management system and the HR information system.

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