Walnut Flooring – Choosing Solid Wood Flooring for Your Home or Business

It is the colour of walnut Stamped Epoxy Floors College Station that gives it a unique quality and appeal whether it is laid in homes or commercial premises. Walnut flooring is traditionally made from American Black Walnut wood, which in its raw form has an off white sapwood and a darker chocolate heartwood. This gives it a base colour which is primarily dark with some lighter marks in the grain. When walnut is air-dried it turns a warm, dark brown colour that looks inviting and expensive.

Walnut flooring can be polished to reach an extremely smooth and even finish, which adds to its allure. If a dark wood finish is to your particular taste then walnut flooring will give you an eye-catching yet practical solution.


Walnut trees are extremely strong and resistant to the cold, which causes the timber to be dense and hard in structure. This makes walnut a superb material for flooring. Walnut Flooring is of a soft to medium hardness, which means it is durable and will also resist water very well. Walnut flooring is hard-wearing enough to be used throughout the home – in hallways, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms as well as commercial properties such as shops and restaurants.


The natural patterns in the grain of walnut flooring will give your home or business style and sophistication. Walnut has a mostly straight grain but can show some elaborate swirling patterns and it has hints of purple and black, which compliment the deep brown, tones of the wood well. The quite traditional look of the grain in walnut wood means that it works well in more classically styled homes. However, combined with the right furnishings and dcor, it will also look stunning in modern contemporary settings too.

Types of Walnut Flooring

Walnut flooring is available in the majority of popular flooring types which include parquet flooring, parquet borders, engineered flooring, solid T & G flooring and mosaic panels.

Walnut parquet flooring utilises a traditional method of floor laying, where each piece of the walnut wood is individually glued and pinned to a plywood sub floor. It is then sanded and finished.

Parquet borders add interest to a wooden floor. Different woods can be added to create patterns in the flooring – such as combining walnut parquet borders with a light wood floor or vice versa. Walnut parquet borders are available in any design and are supplied in random lengths.

Engineered flooring is an extremely durable form of flooring, made up of several layers of wood, which are glued together under high pressure. Engineered floors are as a result much stronger and resilient to wear and tear than other flooring types. Engineered walnut flooring is installed floating on underlay, secret nailed to existing timber floors or glued to concrete floors.

T & G flooring stands for tongue and groove, and is installed by glueing solid wood blocks strips to plywood or concrete sub floors. This can be a cost effective flooring choice but can not be used in rooms with underfloor heating.

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